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Simple, fast and environmentally friendly solutions

Swefico is a flexible and customer-oriented partner. Common features for our environmentally friendly solutions are that they are simple and quick to install, have a long service life, low maintenance costs and bring significant cost savings.

See the world in a new light!

Since 2010, Swefico has provided our Nordic home market with energy-efficient and modern LED-lighting solutions. Our suppliers and partners come exclusively from the EU area, which benefit, you, our customer in the private and public sector with close proximity, quality and reliability.

Swefico is a lighting partner focused on your needs.


Vi har en lång erfarenhet från av att leverera lösningar i utomhus- & Infrastrukturmiljöer.



Varje inomhusprojekt är unik, oavsett om behovet består av skräddarsydda eller standardarmaturer.



Är behovet en konstnärlig eller tekniskt utformad belysningslösning. Vi har belysningslösningen för Er.


Additional products

We also have other infrastructure and lighting-related products and services. Everything from lighting poles, various control systems for lighting to parking guidance and charging of electric cars.



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